Finishing Machine Applications

Vijimech is a leading name in manufacturer of Vibro finishing machinery. We are proven supplier of Deburring equipment located in Vatva - Ahmedabad - Gujarat. We have representation throughout India.

Vijimech Bowl vibratory machines are continuous process vibratory deburring equipment for surface finishing of metal, ceramic and plastic components.

Vijimech Vibro deburring Machine is designed to give optimum surface finish and is powered by a strong vibratory motor. The machine is offered in standard as well as auto discharge model.

The surface finish is obtained by selection of suitable media and chemical compound. We can offer different media such as ceramic media, steel media, and plastic media to give required output.

We are manufacturers of reliable vibratory finishing machine and offer then to the following industries


  • Brass Screw, Nut, Bolt, Eye Bolt, Washers
  • Brass Inserts, Anchors, HRC Fuse, PCB Terminal, Plugins
  • Brass Neutral Links, Bar, Line Tap, Pannel Board, Pillars
  • Brass Precision Parts, Decorative Hardware
  • Brass Connectors, Earthing Equipment, Switch Parts, Gear Parts
  • Terminal Blocks, Metal Parts, Terminal Connector, Electrical Contacts
  • Cable Glands, Cable Lug & Terminal, Brass Battery Terminals, Brass Sanitary


  • Brass Tank Connector Conduit Fitting & Accessories Conduit


  • Bearing Cages, Bearing Rollers, Engine Bearing, Needle, Balls
  • Dust Shield, Bearing Dust Shield, Brake Dust Shield, Z Shield

Jewellery Artificial Jewellery, Silver & Gold Jewellery, Cutlery
Automobile Parts

  • Engine Parts, Piston, Cylinder Liner, Auto Parts & Valve Collets
  • Thrust Washer, Piston Ring, Piston Pin
  • Auto Bearing Bush, Bushing, Liner Seal, Nozzle

Textile Parts

  • Bushings, Chains & Belts, Cutters & Knives
  • Disks, Needle Parts, Tangs


  • Nut, Bolt, Washer, Eye Bolt, Screw, Fastner
  • Hand Tools, Lugs, Lock Parts

Metal Parts

  • Sheet Metal Punched Parts, Metal Parts, Press Parts, CNC Formed Parts
  • Sheet Metal Stampings, Weight Machine Cabinet Part, Sub Racks
  • Sheet Metal Parts Brackets

Surgical/Orthopaedic Bone Plates

  • Bone Screws, Buttress Plate, Reconstruction Plate
  • Tubular Plate, Cloverleaf Plate, Cortical Screws
  • Chancellors Screws, Cansellous Cannulated Screws


  • Aluminium Die Casting
  • Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Casting, Casting Surfaces

Plastic Switch, Toys, Pen, Socket

  • MCB Plates, End Seal, Halogen Lamp, HRC Barrels, Thermostat, Mosquito Housing
  • Beads, Band Heaters, Capacitor Bush, HRC Squares, Resistor Boats
  • Formers, Ferrules, Kiln Parts, Refractory, Shapes
  • Ceramic Thread Guides

Aerospace Components, Bicycle Parts, Buckles (Belt & Shoe)

  • Compressor Parts, Gears, Natural Stone, Teeth Implants, Turbine Blades
  • Impeller, Zip, Locking Assemblies, Locking Elements, Clamping Sleeves, Shrink Disc
  • Buttons, Tabs, Pullers, Capsules & Back Plates, Buckles & Adjusters
  • Buckles & Adjusters, Rings & D-Rings, Rivets, Two Part Buttons
  • Buckles & Adjusters, Down Hole Buttons, Bowels & Shanks

Zinc Die Casting Products

  • Victorian Handle, Georgian Handle, Fancy Handles, Cabinet Fittings
  • Door Knockers, Flush Bolts, Door Stops, Cabin Hooks, Flush Pulls
  • Casement Stays, Window Accessories, Brackets, Castor, Hooks
  • Letter Plates, Casemen Fasteners