Pin mill is a pulveriser where the size reduction of particle takes place more due to the predominant shearing action on the product surface along with hammering action . Compared to conventional pulverizers the fines generated in this machine are much lower . A fine mesh output can be obtained when the product is agglomerate . Generally this machine also finds application where natural granular crystal structure is required while pulverising . Ideal application is Salt . The particle size control is due to the perforated sieve attached at the periphery of the machine. Heat generated in this machine is low . This machine is generally not suited for fibrous application .


This pulverizer is a high speed swing hammer mill type grinding machine . This is ideally suited for small capacity and high fineness requirement . Water jacketing can be provided if required . This machine is not equipped with a classifier . it uses a sieve or resistance at the periphery to control the output size . Heat generation is moderate . Dust collector is generally not required in this machine because the air generation is comparatively low in this machine.


Ultrafine grinder works on the principle of attrition grinding . The size reduction is caused by inter particle collision . The wear rate of liner is comparatively low in this machine . Due to high air turbulence the heat generated is comparatively high . This machine has a vortex classifier at the top to do the classification . the output obtained is fine at a moderately high temperature.

Hammer Mill

This is the most conventional type of industrial size reduction machine available and used in the industry . The size reduction is due to the impact of swing hammer on the particle . These machines are robust and maintenance friendly . The grinder has a resistance / perforated sheet at the outer to control the output quality . The swing hammer absorbs the sudden increase in load . generally used for coarse to medium fine application .

Classifier Mill
Pulveriser Inventory

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