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Surface Finishing Equipment are suitable for de-burring, de-scaling, edge reducing, polishing, surface improvement, pre-plating finishing all types of components including fully machined parts in metals & plastics.

Vijimech vibratory finishing machine for metal working has a ring chamber to hold abrasives and work pieces. When the machine is working, it makes three-d high frequency vibration.

The abrasive media and the work pieces are rolling spirally forward and they are grinding each other during the rolling. This makes the work pieces de-burred, chamfered, polished and clean

This process replaces the traditional cloth-wheel polishing, the vibratory finishing machine for metal working can save a lot of spending on manpower, and lower the cost of production. It can also be matched up with mass production, improve and stabilize the quality of the products.

Vijimech Vibrodrier is also provided ,if required along with the basic machine . The purpose of this equipment is to remove the moisture from the material in process. It also imparts surface finish to the product . This is due to the fact that the media has moisture absorbing quality as well as surface improvement property.