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Vibro Sifter Sieves usually use vibration energy or a combination of Vibration & ultrasonic energies to achieve screening.

Sieves have to be specially designed to resist the high tensile stress generated.

Since Particle Size Distribution plays a vital part in drug dissolution, maintaining the accuracy of the sieve apertures is an essential part of sieve manufacturing.

Proper thickness of wire, accurate nominal aperture sizes, high tensile strength & tautness of the sieve are essential for high sifting performance.


  • Material Of Construction: Stainless Steel-316 and 316-L Quality
  • Aperture Sizes: 25.4mm to 25 microns
  • Design: c.GMP Quality
  • Special Designs: For ultrasonic sifters, high amplitude sifters & high throughput sifters
  • Special Sieves: Safe Static Dissipation

Using Range

  • Liquid and Slirry
  • Layer: From 1 to 2 layer
  • Screen Mesh: 5 - 500 mesh