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Multiport Air Separator is very simple to use and yet it is extremely accurate in separating "lights" from "heavies". Traditionally, screeners are the first idea when a separation is required for any material. Actually, an air separator - aspirator - might be better suited for the job. There are times that a screen is more effective. At other times, an aspirator is more effective. For the ultimate best results, aspirators and screens can be used together attaining the best effects of each unit.

Multiport Air Separator has a series of either 4 or 6 slides that allow the product to tumble back and forth while gravity flowing through the machine. At each pass, ambient air is drawn through the product, lifting the light weight particle into a selection chamber to determine if it "qualifies" to be lifted out or if it should remain with the "heavies". Those light weight particles that have been ?selected to lift, are removed from the product stream.

The product then tumbles down into the next selection chamber where all remaining particles are again exposed to the selection process. Ambient air is introduced a second time, lifting the remaining light weight particles away without over aspirating any of the heavies. This process is repeated a total of four or six times essentially removing all of the lightweight particles without removing any of the heavies. Six air inlets and six air outlets all in one machine.

Multiport Air Separator has no moving parts, no fine openings to blind or plug It can be adjusted on the run with an infinite number of settings, and also transports the liftings to a destination of your choice.

Multiport Air Separator has been applied on finished product to remove fines and dust (pellets, cereals, prills), during process to reduce dust (explosive fines, infestation, clean a product stream, etc.), and to make product improvements.

Multiport Air Separator has been used to separate different types of plastics in regrind / reclaim systems, dedust fertilizer prills, clean and upgrade grain removing damaged kernels and foreign material, separate hulls or shells from seeds or nuts, and many other applications.